TQOTW: Electric Car Charging

My client is an expanding local mobile care business and they are increasingly aware of the pollution that cars emit into the environment. With this in mind, they have been asked by their team whether they can look at changing the company cars to hybrid or electric cars and whether there are any incentives to do so.

Here we look at some of the recent changes and existing exemptions that may help them to make their minds up. (more…)

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The politics of tax breaks

If there’s one thing accountants love, it’s identifying obscure tax reliefs to which you may be entitled and using them to reduce your tax bills.

Tax reliefs, or tax breaks as they are sometimes called, aren’t without controversy, however. There are too many of them, say critics, and they deny the public purse much-needed funds.

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Now that the self-assessment filing date of 31 January has passed once again, I would like to be able to understand and explain to clients the penalty regime that will apply if their returns have not been filed on time.

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February 2019 Tax Insider

Included in this months issue:

– Auto-enrolment fines rise 146%
– Dual-registration service passes 200,000 milestone
– Partners hit by avoidable ISA tax charge
– Think tank proposes tax changes to save £7bn (more…)

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The Risks of a Tax Investigation

It’s a fact – humans are bad at assessing risk. We’re terrified of things that rarely happen (plane crashes, power station meltdowns) but relatively blasé about things that are statistically more likely to harm us, such as unwashed lettuce.

The likelihood of HMRC swooping to investigate your business’s tax affairs seems to be a particularly difficult risk to quantify. (more…)

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