We’re supporting Dementia Friends

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Dem friendWe are proud to be supporting Dementia Friends, an initiative by Alzheimer’s Society, which is promoting how we can all help improve the quality of life for people with dementia, in both a social and business environment.

People with dementia don’t just lose their memories; they can also lose their friends. This is because people with dementia can start to behave differently. And sometimes those friends might not understand or know how to react.

However, it is possible to live well with dementia, especially with the support of friends. No matter how big, or how small, every action counts.

That’s because people with dementia need friends more than ever.

That’s why we’re creating one million Dementia Friends, who will help people with dementia to live well for longer.

Anybody can become a friend. It’s as simple as just understanding a bit more about dementia. We will give you helpful tips and small ideas to help you support the people you know with dementia and their carers.

Through the initiative, we will know more about how to adapt how we work to suit the needs of someone with dementia, so that they continue to receive a high quality service and have the assurance that their affairs are in order.

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