Sweepstakes in the workplace

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With the World Cup starting shortly, many workplaces (including Morrell Middleton!) will be holding a sweepstake. While a great bit of fun for those involved, did you realise that these fall under the Gambling Act 2005 as a private work lottery? There are some basic key points which you should be aware of to ensure that a bit of fun remains lawful and runs smoothly.

–          As the employer, your permission must be obtained before the sweepstake is run.

–          The sweepstake can’t be run for profit. All the money taken should be paid out in prizes.

–          Prize monies can’t be allowed to roll over – there must be a clear end point and a winner(s) declared.

–          Non employees are not allowed to take part (including clients, suppliers, family and friends)

–          The sweepstake shouldn’t be run over different branches or worksites.


Hopefully these regulations won’t stop you having some fun around the World Cup and other major events.