Payroll reporting – “soft” launch tightens up from October 2014. Are you ready?

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PaydayIn October 2014, the next stage occurs with penalties for late submissions as well as for late payments of PAYE going live for the majority of employers. With penalties levied for each month in which a late return is made or PAYE being paid late, all employers need to ensure that they have the controls and processes in place to ensure their RTI submissions are made accurately and on time, and cleared funds are received by HMR&C for full payment of what is owed.

HMR&C have emphasised that they will be strict on the application of the penalties, and they will not accept

“we’re too busy”,

“you didn’t remind us “,

“I wasn’t aware of the rules and regulations”

At Morrell Middleton, we can work with you to prepare your payroll, complete the RTI reports to HMR&C, and ensure you know what is due for payment as soon as is possible, so you can plan your cash flow.

Question – Are you ready?