PAYE-Real Time Information – 9 months on

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HMRCWe are now approaching the final quarter of HMRC’s period of grace for employers to set up procedures and get used to making submissions on or before any day on which any wages are paid.

Recently HMRC have been issuing notices advising that a submission has been made late and warning that from April a penalty of £100 for each such instance will be charged. These penalties will be added automatically to your PAYE account and you may have noticed how much quicker HMRC are contacting you regarding payment of your PAYE/NIC remittances. They will then be chasing payment of the penalties straight away too.

Where we process your payroll, we require your confirmation that we should proceed with the Full Payment Submission to HMRC on the basis of the figures provided to you before we can make the submission. This is a requirement of both our insurance company and also our professional body. We aim to turn payroll around on the day we receive the details from you and subsequently your confirmation to file however it would reduce the risk of you incurring unnecessary penalties if you could ensure we have both prior to the actual payday.

Please contact us if you require advice on changing your procedures to make this easier.