Married tax break “doesn’t cut the mustard”

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Conservative MP Tim Loughton has said that David Cameron’s promise to introduce tax breaks for married couples within the next two years does not “cut the mustard”. Mr Loughton promised to continue his attempt to force the Prime Minister to reward marriage in the tax system through a Commons amendment, despite a Government effort to see it off. Treasury Minister David Gauke wrote to MPs on Monday reiterating the Prime Minister’s determination to recognise marriage with a tax break worth £150 a year.

He promised a vote on the matter before the general election in 2015. The letter sought to stop an ambush by Mr Loughton, who last week tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill that would enshrine a marriage tax break in law. But the MP said that the promise by the minister was a “a complete non-event”. He said: “It doesn’t really take us any further.” Mr Loughton said that he would continue to seek support from fellow MPs for his amendment, which will come before the Commons at the start of next week.

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