HMRC announces £45m to improve customer service

HMRC announces £45m to improve customer service

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angry-Homer-phoneHMRC has announced today that it is allocating £45m to improve customer service, as it released statistics  indicating a prolonged decline in the quality of its call handling.

The allocation will pay for around 3,000 additional staff to join customer service teams, alongside around 2,000 staff who are being moved over from other parts of HMRC to help with the tax credits deadline and letters and forms.

Why is an accountant needed?

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HectorWe are often asked “why is an accountant needed?” and “how do you provide value for money?”.

In the age of computerised accounting packages and online platforms for completing returns this is a reasonable question.

A big part of the answer is our knowledge of legislation, and how we can apply our knowledge to benefit those who we work with. A great example of this has been highlighted recently by Accountingweb, where HMRC have changed an interpretation of long standing VAT legislation which could have a significant impact on businesses who don’t take alternative advice, costing them £’000’s.

Fancy a game of Golf?

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langer holeWe are delighted to be associated with the Langer hole, the 17th at Fulford Golf Club. Earlier this year we sponsored the whole in conjunction with The Wholein1golf Flyover app featuring Fulford Golf Club.

Being an amateur golfer myself I would invite you to mail me if you would like to join us for a round at some point in the near future. We have limited tickets so this may end up being a draw situation if I get a rush of requests – or we may try and get more.

3 Months Free with Xero accounts and Morrell Middleton

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xero-logo-hires-RGBAs one of Yorks leading Xero accountants we have teamed up with them to offer your first 3 months subscription FREE to existing and new clients of our accountancy practices.

Xero is the UK’s best Online accounting solution so for those people who operate on the move, have different locations for staff or just want less hassle in their book keeping lives then this may be a solution for you.

Hoax directory warning – “The Publication of Companies and VAT Registration Numbers”

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FraudTrading Standards have been made aware of a letter being sent to local businesses entitled “Publication of Companies and VAT Registration Numbers in the UK Corporate Portal 2015”, which urges businesses to update their VAT registration details.

The letter, which has a return address in Germany, claims the updates are a legal requirement of changes to the EU Economic Package, but the small print contains a hidden scam.

Are you claiming all the available tax relief on your commercial property?

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Cartoon-SkylineMost business owners assume that their accountant will ensure that the tax bill each year is minimised – that’s what you pay our fees for isn’t it?

Unfortunately, with commercial property, many accountants do not make all the tax claims available as they don’t have the expertise to obtain the necessary information to make the claim in house. This means you could be missing out on accelerating how quickly you get tax relief for your investment, leaving the claim for your purchase cost until you sell the property which is likely to be years if not decades away. Under the current tax rates this also means that you could be obtaining tax relief today at up to 45%, compared to only 10% upon sale.