2014 Tax Return Submission Deadline

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tax returnThe deadline for filing your 2014 tax return online is 31 January 2015. Returns not filed by this date will result in a £100 penalty. Where the return has still not been submitted after three months, daily penalties of £10 will accrue, continuing for a maximum of 90 days. Further penalties will be payable for prolonged filing failures. Each partner will also be charged similar penalties where a Partnership Tax Return is not filed on time. This is in addition to any personal penalties.

If you have not already sent us your completed Income Tax checklists and your books and records for any business and/or rental accounts it is vital that these are received prior to Christmas so that we can get your Tax Return prepared and out to you for signature in time to meet the deadline.

Please contact us if there are any exceptional circumstances which will make this difficult for you.

The last day we work will be Friday the 30th January so please ensure you have your books and tax return information to us as early as possible. Our deadline for guaranteeing the submission was for us to have received the information by the 30 November 2014. We will be able to submit work received after that date but it will not be guaranteed!