National minimum wage increases from 1 October 2014

National minimum wage increases from 1 October 2014

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A wage packetDon’t get caught out by the increases in National Minimum Wage which come into place from 1 October 2014.

It is also important where you have younger employees, to ensure that you make sure they get the paid at least the minimum rate as they go through the age brackets, and as an employer you don’t become guilty of paying less than minimum wage.

Full details of the rates can be found at

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Supporting Jeans for Genes Day 2014

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JeansWe are delighted to be supporting Jeans for Genes Day 2014 here at Morrell Middleton, by raising funds and awareness for this great cause – and having the pleasure of wearing jeans in the office too!

Jeans for Genes raises money for Genetic Disorders UK and aims to change the world for children with genetic disorders.

Individually, genetic disorders are rare but together they affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK – that’s more than 30,000 babies each year. Their associated health problems mean that genetic disorders are the biggest cause of death of children aged 14 years and under.

For more details, please visit

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Key dates for your diary

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DiaryAs a self-employed person, or someone who is running a business every day is important. However, some dates should be in your diary to ensure that you don’t fall foul of HM Revenue & Customs or Companies House.

We’d recommend having the following dates in your business diary as reminders of tasks which need to be done.

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Are you next on the taxman’s hitlist?

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Arthur DaleyTax crackdowns have arrived thick and fast in the past three years. Officials have targeted everyone from doctors to Avon ladies to claw back £35bn lost in unpaid tax each year – and more inquiries are in the pipeline.

Accountants claim that HM Revenue & Customs focuses on “soft targets” through special task forces that investigate specific job sectors.

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CONFIRMED – Accountants are sexy beasts

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high-heels-and-thong-370x229According to the adulterous website,, accountants are the most exciting workers to go on dates with. Not because number crunching is a big turn on, but because their ‘boring’ jobs makes them more interesting in the bedroom, apparently.

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RTI automatic penalties for small employers delayed to 2015

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article-2284938-17AE137D000005DC-727_296x224HMRC has announced that the introduction of automatic penalties for late RTI submissions will be delayed for a further 5 months for smaller employers.

Under the revised timetable announced back in February, automatic penalties were due to start from 6 October. This date will still apply for companies that employ 50 or more people, but smaller companies will get an extra five months until the automated regime starts to bite from 6 March 2015. 

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Our top 10 tips for writing a winning business plan

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Business PlanWe’ve been helping organisations to prepare business plans and forecasts for many years. Without exception, it seems like a daunting task for the management team, but it’s really crucial to your success whether starting a new business or wanting to develop an existing business, to have a clear plan and that it can be articulated to the people who can help you make it happen.

“A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success.”

Steve Maraboli – Behavioral Scientist

Here are our top 10 tips for writing a business plan:

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